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The Gorton Monastery

December 22, 2019 / carl / Current Projects

For a long time I have been looking after the remaining art work of Josefina de Vasconcellos, with  the good intention to find a permanent home for it so that the public may seek enjoyment from viewing the different pieces and learning all about the history behind them.

In my mind the Monastery is a place where people will learn the history of Brazil and the diversity of Brazilian people with some interest, not only will they discover about the aspects of Brazilian culture which may already be familiar to them such as the dance of Samba and football but they will also learn that there is much more to the country than just these things and this can be learned in time through the works of art by Josefina de Vasconcellos MBE.

Gorton Monastery appeals to all ages and backgrounds and it has served the community and brought lots of joy to all those involved with it, during the few visits I have had there I got the sense that it is a very magical place which has the ability to generate lots of good and positivity.  The credit for this goes to Elaine Griffins who is an executive and business women of high standards and courage and Shawn Williamson Josefina’s loyal friend and pupil, who helped me to find the Monastery.

Josefina knew where she wanted her art work to go! there was few places that she mentioned and I tried to make it possible but it was not to be because after all, everything  happens in a determined time and place!

To Josefina’s Brazilian Family who have trusted me since the beginning, I present to you all, that was and will be, in memory of our beloved Josefina:

The Gorton Monastery which is the right place to keep her art and all that remains of her memories! The Monastery is located in the heart of England where people from all backgrounds can reach it from all over the world…



To find out more about THE GORTON MONASTERY where Josefina’s art resides

Take the tour on the website

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