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Craft fairs

The J de V Arts Care Trust warmly invites crafters to join our monthly Craft Fair. This takes place on the third Saturday of each month at the Josefina Gallery on Waterside in Kendal. The next three dates are May 17th, June 21st and July19th.
The Josefina Gallery has space for just 6 tables which we supply. Crafters need to bring their own table covers. The charge is £10 per table (£5 deposit in advance and £5 on the day). We seek to have a joyful variety of creations each time.
To book a table please come and see us at the Gallery. We are normally open from 11a.m. to 4.30p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Alternatively email me (Lyn) on lindursch(at) giving contact details and an idea of what your special crafts are so we can ensure variety.
Unfortunately there is no parking adjacent to the Gallery, just unloading/loading space. (For parking nearby see the Josefina Gallery map on Google.)
We will unlock for setting up from 10a.m. Public admission is from 11a.m. to 4.30pm and crafters are asked to be clear and away by 5p.m.
Do come and show your amazing creative talents here and meet other crafters and share your enthusiasms. Come and have fun and let the world know what you can do!

Ad Hoc Creativity

In our tiny workshop we have a little clay and basic tools, also acrylic paints, brushes and paper, so if one or two visitors to the Gallery wish to have a go (experience not important) then this can happen with no notice. There is no charge for this, though a donation to the J de V Arts Care Trust will be most welcome so we can pay our rent and keep our base here in the Lakes.If more than a couple of people wish to do this then we recommend that they contact us to arrange a day and time. For these larger groups all we ask is a contribution to cover materials plus a little over towards running costs.

Other Explorations

We have a range of photographs, letters and books about Josefina de Vasconcellos and the public is welcome to come and browse through these at the Gallery, to discover more and even to be inspired to create their own projects to provide opportunities here or in their own communities elsewhere.
In the workshop we have second hand books and some bric-a-brac donated to us. Do choose any you like in exchange for a small donation.

Brazilian Crafts

In the corner, just before you turn to go down into the workshop, you will find towels, table runners and ornaments hand crafted by the people of Poços, inland Bahia, Brazil, where our water project is progressing. These items are for sale, as these people do not want “something for nothing”. It is this community’s willingness to keep going despite four years of drought, that encourages us at the J de V Arts Care Trust to drill for water there so they may have a sustainable supply. (See “Walk to the World Cup”.)

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