David Almond

Biography of David Almond, now age 35.

Schooled and living in Kendal since 1988, I always found art to be my strongest subject. I achieved top artistic grades at GCSE level, but my grades started to slip during a tough A-level period. After leaving The Queen Katherine School in 1997, I was in need of a time-out: where I began to paint, and had ambitions to become a profitable artist. (I now know about realistic ambition.) The reason for my A-level decline was the onset of schizophrenia, but to my continuing delight, the schizophrenia breathes new light into my creative endeavours.

I have had two distinct bouts with Paranoid Schizophrenia: the first in 1998, and the second in 2006, having been hospitalized for five months. Due to the very good medication, I continue to feel very well today, and do not regard myself as being ill.

The climax of my artistic schooling took place at Kendal College, from 2008-2011: studying a Foundation Degree In Drawing.

I now see myself as an aspiring writer of screenplays and more recently, of a novel, as much as a painter. I am currently infused by a new abstract direction, focusing on my natural inclination to go abstract from the outset of a blank canvas; creating shapes and colours with a special interest in the white, negative space.

Much of the work you see here today, I have explored further at the time, creating five or more pieces in each particular style. I am always inspired by idea, and originality I prize heavily. My early works: in acrylic and oil paint, were inspired by artists, Alexandra Nechita and Willem de Kooning.

As my styles progressed, there are continued themes of expressive mark making, with the basics of shape, space and colour. My aims are always inspired by the style I am exploring at the time. I only hope I have struck a rich vein of abstract art: one I can continue to explore and share with the public.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to my next exhibition, consisting of entirely new works.

David Almond