James Moore

I was born in Hollywood California to Carol Booth who travelled to the United States of America to follow her dreams of becoming and actress. From an early age I have been inspired by my mother who always allowed me to express myself creatively.

Growing up in a rural area of Heywood opened my eyes to all the beauty nature had to offer and in no time I found myself sketching birds of prey. Throughout my school days I never really put the pencil down and would often be told off for doodling in class.

After completing school I went on to pursue a career as an artist applying to several universities but unfortunately this never materialised. I went on to become a Graphic Designer, working in the advertising industry for 10 years. Focusing on designing left little time for my true passion, which has always been my art. Feeling like my life was missing something I decided to take up sketching again as a hobby. I quickly realized my passion, time and skills were becoming more accomplished. As my passion grew, friends, family and associates would ask me to create portraits for them. As my confidence grew, so did the demand for my work, leaving the career as a graphic designer behind.

I am thrilled to now have the pleasure to work as a dedicated commissioned portrait artist for over three years. I find the feedback and energy I receive from clients who have been touched by my work rewarding. Only recently have I started dabbling in colour using colour pencils, this feels like second nature and a natural progression. As my passion for art develops I would like to start working with pastel and paints. I have always being captivated by the human form, especially faces. I also thoroughly enjoy drawing animal’s wild and tame, and the occasional fantasy piece so watch this space!!

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