Lynn Dente

I have always been into arts and crafts. My Mum was a talented artist and encouraged me to paint. I am a trained chef, but art was, and still is my first choice of profession. I now paint and do my other crafts full time, or as often as I can get to paint.

I paint from my photos as I visit places or most from Kendal – the place I moved to from London.

My watercolours are traditional but I love to do some quirky things too. Papercut is just one of them. From a photo – one of mine (the swan on the River Kent, Blackbird from my garden) or from a book, I cut feather shapes into multicoloured paper, rough the shape of the bird on card then work out what is behind or in front and a starting point. As the feathers go on following the shape f the bird in flight or as rest each feather is fine trimmed to fit and is glued down.

It is time consuming but fun to see the bird take shape, hope you have fun looking at them as I did making them.

Lynn Dente

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