Tim Leeson

Born in Barrow-in-Furness,Tim Leeson is now a Kendal based artist and works closely with many of the local artists and organisations in the area.

This Collection of work is a selection of drawings and paintings which I recently completed as part of a recovery program in Barrows Dova Unit. The pieces reflect my state of mind at the time and deal with issues such as, love, hate, fear and death.

Often marginalised I feel that people with psychiatric issues work in full honesty within the arts, free from any pretence and with little regard to creativity as a career option.

Occupational Therapy units, in hospitals and organisations such as MIND, Combat Stress and Kendal’s own Manna House, aside many others, offer the perfect environment for inspiration and peace, Josefinas Gallery is working alongside this ideal as a part of their future goals and directions.

Despite underfunding or a general lack of a full range of materials in these much needed places of profound space, one can only reflect on the words of Abraham Lincoln who said that one should,
“do what you can with what you have where your are”, it works for me as it does for many others.
My thanks to Josefinas Gallery and Andrew Charles for the opportunity.

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