Testimonials (from our visitors book)


Richard Moore, Managing Partner at Temple Heelis Solicitors, says:-

“I was fascinated to hear of and then learn more about the close relationship that developed between Josefina and Beatrix Potter, surely two of the most important or even iconic artistic / creative talents ever to have settled in Lakeland. Despite their differences in age and the forms of their creative work they both clearly shared a passion and determination to improve the lives of others and not just through admiration of their creative work, but also through charitable good works.

It is quite a remarkable co-incidence that our legal firm, which celebrates its “Miss Potter/ Mrs Heelis” heritage has a Kendal office that is now such close neighbours with the Josefina gallery, where copies of her sculptures of Beatrix are on display.

I have no doubt that Mrs Heelis and her solicitor husband William Heelis would have heartily approved of our friendship with and support for the works of the J de V Arts Care Trust.

My staff, partners and I are delighted to have the opportunity to renew an old acquaintance” Richard Moore LLB (hons)

“Great idea”. Julian Cooper, Heaton Cooper;

“Absolutely wonderful. I hope you gain the funds”. Irene Coulthard, St. Andrews;

“Brilliant gallery and space for amazing music”. Rosemary Lawes. Sedbergh;

“Beautiful gallery, love the energy and passion put in to make it happen”. Natalie Aran. Penrith;

“Keep on with the great job. I`ll come to visit again”. Serena Pollastri, Lancaster;

“Excellent, keep up the good work. God bless”. J. Young, Norfolk;

“So beautiful & sensitive works of art”. Marsha & Harold Lavin, USA;

“Impressive- a great tribute to Josefina”.
M. Baynes, Kendal

“Good feeling about the brew and centre”. J.B., Kendal;

“Beautiful! And they let you knit”. J. & T. Tinaguire, Vancouver, Canada;

“Lovely art & story, we could knit too”. S. james, Newcastle;

“Interesting pictures to see”. Tim Siddell, Kendal;

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