J de V Arts Care Trust started as an idea between Santa Tattersall Chairperson and Co-creator of J de V Arts Care Trust and Josefina de Vasconcellos MBE. Josefina and Santa talked about what could be done to minimise hunger and poverty in the world and also what could be done to aid recovery and rehabilitation for people in poor health after surgery or long term illness be it mental or physical. Josefina and Santa both believed that art could help during these difficult times, thoughts and ideas flowed and the concept of the charity was born,

Santa would reminisce about things from her childhood and would tell Josefina interesting stories to take her mind off the pain caused by her age and memories; with this in mind the two used to wonder about a world inspired by hope and determination and how they could help to make a difference.
Josefina used to say to Santa, all that would be needed is to believe that it is always possible to make a difference. Santa did just that and she and Josefina were involved in planning the Trust up until Josefina’s death in July 2005.

Josefina had already persuaded Santa to help and before she passed, had overseen a meeting to discuss the proposed trust between Santa and the Director of World Exchange, the director having travelled all the way from Edinburgh to attend.
We have good communication with Josefina’s family in Brazil, first with a relative, Pedro Nazareth Pinto de Carvalho, who gave his support from 2006 and visited Santa in England to discuss future projects that the Trust might be interested in funding.

We also have contact with other family members and we would like to welcome them and any others from the two sides of her extraordinary family to help us to keep her memory alive because she had made everybody around her to feel uniquely special, even if it was just for a short period of time.

Before Josefina died she left a verbal request that Santa who herself was born in Brazil, should continue to work towards establishing a trust to help people from all walks of life through her love and devotion for the arts, so Santa keenly set about co-ordinating the arrangements for this project.

This was an extremely complicated process, especially as Josefina, who’s father was Brazilian, hoped to have early links between Britain and Brazil. Unfortunately before anything could happen to pursue Josefina’s vision, Santa became seriously ill shortly before the time Josefina herself passed away and was taken into Hospital with a sub-arachnoid Haemorrhage in her brain caused by several aneurysms and was in need of a vast amount of time to heal properly and think clearly again.

Once a shred of energy came back to Santa she slowly but surely set about dedicating every minute of her time, to working on building up the trust despite her continuing health problems post brain Haemorrhage being an ongoing struggle. Santa felt she had to continue with what had already been started with Josefina and set about accomplishing what they had planned together, truly promising to try and make a small difference in someone’s life. ‘It is better to help at least 1 person than to do nothing at all! is Santa’s saying.
NOW … It is time for Santa to undergo special surgery again but Santa is confident believing that, whatever happens, she has begun something great: The J de V Arts Care Trust!

Many thanks to IBI, Head Way, Santa’s family and friends and, last but not least, Neoro partners, for their amazing support worker Jan Rosser and our local MP Tim Farron for their help and existence in making it possible for Santa to determinedly continue her heartfelt voluntary work aiming to make our world a better place, because with her condition preventing her being employed it has never been done before!
Article written by Santa, Lyn, Donald, Jan, Gill and Wendy. ( Thank you for reading about us please visit again.)

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