Girl Riding Dolphin


Original by Josefina de Vasconcellos MBE.

Wax moulded from Original by HORSMAN’S Ambleside Jewellers.

Cast in Silver Sterling pendant and broche.

Ltd Edition of 50.
28 days for delivery outside UK

“Girl Riding Dolphin”
Dimensions: 1.2”h x 2”w x 0.3”d
This piece was made around 1950. It was given to Shawn Williamson in 1987. Shawn was a pupil of Josefina and a good friend, he donated it to the Josefina Arts Care Trust and the trust now have copies in sterling silver for sale on their online store as a limited edition of 100, it can also be made in gold on request. This piece would make an ideal gift for swimmers and anyone involved with water sports or anyone involved with marine conservation as it would make a great eco logo.

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