_MG_9292 retouched

Original by Josefina de Vasconcellos MBE.

Cast in JB Formula by Lakeland Mouldings

Ltd Edition of 50.


Dimensions: 7.5”h x 4”w x 2.5”d
“Reunion” led to “Reconciliation”
This sculpture shows a strong emotional tension between two figures, arched in union over a strand of barbed wire. “Her inspiration came from a newspaper article describing how, after World War II when everything was in confusion and without transport, a woman had walked across Europe looking for her husband”* , at last finding him alive across a barbed wire fence. This led to her creating the sculpture of the two standing, of which this is a casting.
* Linda Clifford.
Later Josefina felt that this could symbolise more: nations coming together to make peace after a war – colliding sorrow from the past and hope for the future. In 1977 Josefina was asked to make a commemorative sculpture for the Faculty of Peace Studies at Bradford University so she dropped them to their knees for the full size version. When Josefina was 97 Richard Branson commissioned one for Coventry Cathedral. Other full size versions of the same sculpture are to be found at Stormont, Hiroshima, and a memorial chapel near the site of the old Berlin Wall, all now named “Reconciliation”.
To to read the story by the sponsor in his own words about Reconciliation sculpture, visit this link

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