_mg_9245Original by Josefina de Vasconcellos MBE.

Cast by Lakeland Mouldings in JB Formula.

Ltd Edition of 50.


(Mould donated to the J de V Arts Care Trust by Anne Taylforth)


“The Weight of our Sins”
Dimensions: 8”h x 13”w x 4”d
The full size work was completed by Josefina at the age of 95 in October 1999 and depicts larger than life sized figures of children supporting a cross. The silence says all. Each child is symbolic of a crime against children in the world today. AIDS, drugs, genocidal war, abuse, blindness from a land mine and homelessness are covered in the presence of the children. Of it Josefina said, “In this moment, as they stop for breath before staggering on with their burden of a derelict cross – one is given an opening to relate to this group of deserted children.”
Josefina de Vasconcellos

“The sculpture was transported from Kendal Parish Church on a pilgrimage via Shrewsbury and Tewksbury Abbeys to London where (it was planned to) rest in the Churchyard Gardens of St. Bartholomew. The arrival was planned to tie in with the “UN 10th anniversary of The Child”, November 1999 with the aim of raising money for, and awareness of, urgent situations in the world.

This sculpture was gifted to the Bishop’s Palace in Wells by professor G. Romaine Hervey in memory of the sculptor who was his friend. http://www.leeds.ac.uk/secretariat/obituaries/2016/hervey_romaine.html
It stands in the outer gardens of the Bishop’s Palace, next to the moat.
“It represents the way in which the world’s children will have to carry the burdens of their parents’ decisions and activities. Disease, hunger, war and poverty can all be seen in the children. J de V Arts Care Trust aim to raise money for Children in England and Brazil with the Sale of casts of this sculpture.”

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