Shopin & Delphine

_mg_9217Original by Josefina de Vasconcellos MBE.

Cast by Lakeland Mouldings in JB Formula.

Ltd Edition of 50.


28 days for delivery outside UK


“Shopin & Delphine”
Dimensions: 8”h x 9.30”w x 6”d
Josefina loved romantic stories and this piece was inspired by Chopin’s letter to Delphine saying she was the inspiration for his works. The love they shared could never be fulfilled as Delphine was committed to another man. Josefina could identify with their situation as she too had love that could not be fulfilled.
This poem by Josefina shows this.
“The voice of love”
“Poetry, is the voice of love –
Cut of the flame, it come.
The open lips of flowers, move
To form the loved one’s name…
Faster than Fate, it flies,
Stronger than Life, it fashions
New forms, in adoration, passions –
And by the holy light in Lovers’ eyes.” J de V 1998